Taking Screenshots

Taking Screenshots

Sometimes being able to see exactly what the user is seeing can help you solve an issue faster than looking through log messages and stack traces. The Embrace SDK allows you to augment the data collected by your app with screenshots for debugging purposes. You can view all the screenshots uploaded by your users’ devices by going to the Screenshots page on our dashboard.

We understand that some apps may have certain situations where this functionality should be disabled. An detailed explanation for how this feature works and how to disable it is provided here.

App Moments

By default, app moments will take a screenshot if their threshold duration is exceeded. The threshold duration is a period of time that, under normal circumstances, the app moment (and the operation it encapsulates) should be completed. The default value of the threshold duration is 5 seconds. While it is possible to adjust the threshold duration for your app moments, there is currently no mechanism to do so via the dashboard. You can contact us via Slack or email us at support@embrace.io if you find there is a need to do so.

This feature can be disabled by specifying on app moment start that screenshots should not be taken as shown below.

// Disable screenshots from being taken when the threshold duration is exceeded.
Embrace.getInstance().startEvent("<NAME>", "<IDENTIFIER>", false);