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What is an App Moment?

Not all user workflows within a user session are created equal, some require specific trackings to ensure the appropriate information and issues are logged and identified for optimal user experiences. Embrace.io enables you to specifically focus on different parts of your application flow using our App Moment feature.

By default, we will automatically track your app startup moment, you simply identify when startup ends during the SDK integration and we will capture and group all activities within that moment. To learn more about Startup Moment integration visit Ending App Startup

Can I change App Moment duration?

Yes, you can change the duration per App Moment. Contact us at your Slack private channel and send us your App Moment name and the duration you would like for the App Moment.

How does Embrace.io define a User Session?

Competitors do not differentiate the different user behaviors between web and mobile application users. Embrace.io has redefined the term “session” specifically for mobile apps. Unlike web users who end the sessions when exiting the page, mobile users pop in and out of the apps, multi-tasking while on the go. Embrace.io stitches sessions and shows mobile user behaviors in full context. You now have the visibility to truly understand the impact from each user’s experience and diagnose the root cause more quickly.

What is the difference between a yellow warning Network Request vs. a red error Network Request?

Embrace.io identifies network requests with 2 issue types: Slow or Status Code Errors

What Slack alerts do you provide?

An alert is fine and dandy but shouldn’t it tell you more than a just a spike happened? We provide insights before you release, on release, and on unpredictable errors when in production.

Here are some of the alerts you will receive from us:

We send alerts via your Embrace.io Slack Team private channel so you will always be ahead of the game improving the experiences of your users and mobile apps. Be sure to join our Slack Community so you will not miss all the important alerts!

If you would like to change the alert thresholds please contact us via your Embrace.io Slack private channel. Also, if you have any feedback to help improve our alerts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why is integrating user identification important?

What is User Persona?

What is an abrupt close or non-clean exit?

Can I turn off Embrace.io SDK without pushing a new launch?

You can turn off Embrace.io tracking or specify % of traffic with Embrace.io on the Settings Page (see the screenshot below). Any users starting the app will abide by the settings rule, any users who are already using the app will not be impacted by the configurations until these users exit the app and restart the app after. It takes approximately 5 minutes for the configuration change to take into effect.

Settings Page