Other Features

Other Features

Here are some key Embrace.io features that allow you to quickly identify issues and potential resolution actions.

Mobile-centric User Sessions (“Stitching”)

Unlike monitoring and analytics tools for mobile, Embrace.io redefines the term “session” specifically for mobile apps. Unlike web users who end the sessions when exiting the page, mobile users pop in and out of the apps, and multi-task while on the go. Embrace.io stitches sessions to show mobile user behaviors in full context. Pick a ‘session’ and see the entire experience to of that user. Errors don’t end in the background or on a notification - in fact, it’ s often caused by an unplanned user event.

You now have the visibility to truly understand the impact of an error, feature or SDK on each user’s experience more quickly to diagnose the root cause.

App Moments

The faster an app runs, the better the experience, and the higher the KPIs.

Every app has an ideal user workflow and expected user experiences, however, any issue can impact a user but it can be difficult to really understand the context of each logged issue. Our App Moment integration allows you to bucket important flows of your user and hyper focus the overall user experiences within those moments.

User Experience Prioritization

We aggregate the severity of the user experiences per app moment with the following:

You can add and customize additional App Moments. To learn more about customizing more App Moments visit the iOS or Android docs.

User Identification

The Embrace.io SDK allows you to add identifiers to the current user so that you can associate them with your internal data and perform searches and segmentation using these values in the Embrace.io dashboard.

Follow the SDK integration guides for examples of how to identify your users (iOS, Android).

User Personas

If you would like to group users by common characteristics or behaviors such as “Heavy Users” or “Purchasers,” Embrace.io allows you to customize and group them.

To learn how to customize and group users visit the docs (iOS, Android).