Product Overview is a performance & monitoring platform built for you and the ‘fun’ that is mobile

The most important moment for any app is its release. No matter how much QA you conduct, you’ll discover errors that affect users. These errors will affect the users that are most important to you, like content contributors, clan leaders, repeat purchasers, and heavy video watchers. Worst of all, once you’ve released, you’re stuck with them!

Proactive visibility is the key. Think of as your mobile team’s early detection system, whether in development, pre-prod, or production.

To identify errors & optimization and their impact to the user, focuses on the user’s perspective and actions. Whether the user left abruptly on a sudden app close or terminated the app because of a spinner of death, we let you know along with all the technical details via 4 methods:

User Timeline

Reproduce exactly what users experience

User Lookup Page

Search for a specific user via their Customer ID, username, or email address and explore any of the user’s sessions. For any session you can quickly review whether it ended cleanly or not and why.

User Timeline

Know every time a session ends abruptly and diagnose the cause. Through a visual overview of a user session, the User Timeline displays the information about the user’s device environment and lets you quickly understand and correlate what may have occurred.

User Timeline Activity Log

This section displays a more detailed context of the user session, which uncovers potential root causes impacting a specific user.

User App Screenshots

Quickly view your users poor experiences via Screenshots

Browse through all the screenshots on the Screenshots Page when there are poor user experiences. You can then dive into any screenshot you are interested in and review the entire session that has user impacting issues.

This feature is configurable, if you need to turn it off for any reason, you can do so for any specific Moment or Logged message type (Integration Doc). If the change is urgent, please contact any team member from via your Community Slack private channel.

Issues Summary

Optimizations and Issues Aggregated and Prioritized

Quickly view and highlight all the issues grouped by categories such as Network Requests, Error and Info Logging, and App Moments on the Issues Page. From here, you can dive into each issue category and identify users with similar poor experiences.

Issues Page

Provides a quick summary page for you to determine issue severity based on the number of issues we identify or the number of users experiencing the same issues.

Issues Page

Issues Details Page

Quickly browse through different users with the same issue. Often diagnosis is completed right here. If you need additional details on any specific user, click to their Session List or User Timeline.

Issue Details Page

Other Key Features

Here are some key features that allow you to quickly identify issues and potential resolution actions.

Mobile-centric User Sessions - “Stitching”

You now have the visibility to truly understand the impact of an error, feature or SDK on each user’s experience more quickly to diagnose the root cause.

App Moments

Every app has an ideal user workflow and expected user experiences, however, any issue can impact a user but it can be difficult to really understand the context of each logged issue. Our App Moment integration allows you to bucket important flows of your user and hyper focus the overall user experiences within those moments.

User Identification

Error & Info Message Log

User Persona